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Bresle Test Kit

Bresle Test Kit

IDEAL INSTRUMENTS offers bresle test kit. The bresle test kit is also known as chloride test kit or salt test kit. Highly important bresle test kit need to evaluate chlorides or/and salt on surface of blasted cleaned steel surface.
Detailed Description

The Bresle method is used to determine concentration of soluble salts on metal surfaces prior to coating application, such as painting.

Bresle test kit is supplied with all the necessary items including the bresle test patches, syringes, distilled water, calibration solution and conductivity meter to test for soluble salt and surface contaminants on blasted surfaces in compliance with ISO 8502-6 & ISO 8502-9.

The bresle patch is attached to the surface, the distilled water is injected with a syringe into the bresle patch and then extracted, and this is repeated ten cycles of injecting and extracting the liquid in the bresle patch. This liquid is then measured with the conductivity meter will measure the quantity of salts in both µg/cm2 (ppm) and mg/m2. User manual gives easy conversions. A test patch should be as clean as possible. Contamination of a patch can influences the results significantly. Bresle patches ensure adhesion and wash ability.

Bresle test kit complies with ISO 8502-6, which relates to the extraction of soluble contaminants using the bresle patch method.  It also complies with ISO 8502-9 which relates to the conduct metric determination of soluble salts.

ISO 8502-6: Extraction for soluble contaminants for analysis – The Bresle Method

ISO 8502-9: Field method for soluble salts by conduct metric measurement

The bresle test kit is supplied with 50 x Bresle Patches, Conductivity Meter, and Calibration Solution. 3 x 5ml Syringes, 25ml Beaker and 250ml distilled water in soft carrying case Additional Bresle Patches can be purchased to carry out further tests using this kit.

Part Numbers

  • BTK-001 Bresle Test Kit
  • BTK-002 Bresle Patch (Pack of 50)

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